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Come and sit with me in
The Bright Tree.

If you're a parent or caregiver struggling to reconcile their own neurodivergent childhood, or experiencing a new modern neurodivergent childhood through the experiences of your kids...

Come and sit in The Bright Tree with me!

Every Sunday we send an email to remind you that you aren't alone on your journey. 

It's normal to reflect on it all. It's normal to feel sad and angry sometimes.

Whatever happens, you have a place here with me to process it all.

The hardness. The weirdness. The joy.

The magic of the neurodivergent childhood.


It's all valid and worth reflecting on.

Join us below and we'll also send you our AMAZING self-therapy guide. You'll love it. TRUST ME.

Now, what are you waiting for! Come and sit in The Bright Tree with me.

See you at The Bright Tree on Sunday!

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